The art of imagination

Night of Philosophy Den Haag 14 april – workshop will be in Dutch Art is the world of the imagination par excellence. In art it is not about finding an objective truth but about imagining ideas, observations and thoughts. Art practice is, in contrast to science, focused on investigating our […]

Curating Art and Science: preserving quality

In the Spring of 2017 I was part of a project called Friendly Stalking. Being an aspirant philosopher, the project required me to follow an artist and his research work at the Zero Footprint Campus on the University of Utrecht. For me, this was a first practical encounter between science […]

Jelle Havermans – Analogous processes

Suffering from high levels of FOMO (fear of missing out) and peer pressure,  an increasing amount of youngsters in their twenties decide to travel to far destinations, hoping to find their life’s purpose hidden in a foreign language. Between December 2017 and January 2018, young artist Jelle Havermans did the […]

Call for collaboration

   I’m involved in a residency in which science and art are combined. Why? In short: because I have a great enthusiasm for looking at the world in new perspectives. I firmly believe in lifelong learning, I am always open to new ideas and perspectives and I m interested in the process of idea development […]

Jeroen van der Most

Hi Sabine, Great to start this conversation with you. I’ll tell you more about my EMIT artwork series. The art pieces are an exploration of a future in which Artificial Intelligence and art have merged. A period in which the form and shapes of artworks will be flexible. Continuously changing […]

Film and Philosophy

Course on Film and Philosophy “To watch a movie”, who doesn’t?  Unlike a good book or piece of music, we often associate movies with easy entertainment. But film offers as an art form even more; Even when we believe we watch a movie with our minds switched off, we draw […]

Get Fed Art Fair 2016

The 2016 edition of the GET FED art fair was organized by an association of young artists, curators, art historians and philosophers, including Justin Prang, Casper Verborg, Neel Diekema, Roos Ticheler and Sabine Winters.   As representatives of a generation the GET FED Foundation seeks to strengthen the contact between […]

Casper Verborg

Casper Verborg: Pink Elephant

Hi Casper I have to admit it’s somewhat awkward. Starting an e-mail knowing where it will end up. Let’s agree we’ll edit them later. I’ll not look at linguistic imperfections just yet, because that stymies writing. So I’m not taking potential readers into account for now. I hope you’ll understand. […]

Mind The Methods

Perhaps it’s something of all times to think we are on a turning point, but it seems to me that there are so many writings on the wall we can’t ignore that indeed we are, due to our technology, living on the border of a paradigm shift. In my belief […]